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Welcome to Joséphine!

Introducing 5.9, Joséphine. Named in honor of acclaimed worldwide jazz singer Joséphine Baker, this newest, most versatile WordPress launch is right here: download it or replace it straight out of your dashboard.

As a lifelong civil rights campaigner, Joséphine Baker believed that each one individuals may dwell in concord collectively, simply as completely different devices in a jazz band mix collectively to make an entire piece. Turn on a playlist out of your favourite music service and revel in her well-known renditions of “You are the greatest love”, “Sans Amour”, and “Love is a Dreamer” as you uncover all of the options of this brand-new WordPress launch. 

Full web site modifying is right here.

It places you in charge of your complete web site, proper within the WordPress Admin.

Say hi there to Twenty Twenty-Two.

And say hi there to the primary default block theme within the historical past of WordPress. This is greater than only a new default theme. It’s a brand-new strategy to work with WordPress themes.

Block themes put a wide selection of visible decisions straight in your palms, from coloration schemes and font mixtures to web page templates and picture filters, all from the Site Editor. So in a single place, you can provide Twenty Twenty-Two the identical feel and look as your group’s different supplies—or take your web site’s look in one other course.

You have already got the Twenty Twenty-Two theme—it got here put in with WordPress 5.9. You will discover it together with your different put in themes.

Your private paintbox awaits

Twenty Twenty-Two is just not the one theme constructed for full web site modifying. More block themes are within the Themes listing, and the quantity will develop. 

When you employ any of these new themes, you now not want the Customizer. Instead, you’ve all the facility of the Styles interface contained in the Site Editor. Just as in Twenty Twenty-Two, you construct your web site’s feel and look there, with the instruments you want for the job in a fluid interface that virtually comes alive in your palms.

The Navigation block

Blocks come to web site navigation, the center of consumer expertise.

The new Navigation block offers you the facility to decide on: an always-on responsive menu or one which adapts to your consumer’s display screen measurement. And your decisions are remembered! In 5.9, the block saves menus as customized publish varieties, which get saved to the database.

More enhancements and updates

Do you like to weblog? New tweaks to the publishing movement show you how to say extra, quicker.

Better block controls

WordPress 5.9 options new typography instruments, versatile format controls, and finer management of particulars like spacing, borders, and extra—that will help you get not simply the look, however the polish that claims you care about particulars.

The energy of patterns

The WordPress Pattern Directory is the house of a variety of block patterns constructed to avoid wasting you time and add to your web site’s performance. And you’ll be able to edit them as you see match. Need one thing completely different within the header or footer to your theme? Swap it out with a brand new one in a couple of clicks.

With a virtually full-screen view that attracts you in to see fantastic particulars, the Pattern Explorer makes it simple to check patterns and select the one your customers want.

A revamped List View

In 5.9, the List View helps you to drag and drop your content material precisely the place you need it. Managing complicated paperwork is simpler, too: easy controls allow you to increase and collapse sections as you construct your web site—and add HTML anchors to your blocks to assist customers get across the web page.

Treat each picture in a Gallery Block the identical means you’d deal with it within the Image Block.

Style each picture in your gallery in a different way, or make all of them the identical, aside from one or two. Or change the format with drag-and-drop.

WordPress 5.9 for builders

Theme.json for baby themes

In 5.9, theme.json helps baby themes. That means your customers can construct a baby theme proper within the WordPress Admin, with out writing a single line of code. 

This dev note has all the small print. Take a glance!

Block-level locking

Now you’ll be able to lock any block (or a couple of of them) in a sample, simply by adding a lock attribute to its settings in block.json—leaving the remainder of the sample free for customers to adapt to their content material. 

Multiple stylesheets in a block

Now you’ll be able to register a couple of stylesheet per block, which lets a given block load solely the types its markup requests, and never an entire sheet. Read the small print on this dev note.

The adjustments to the Gallery Block listed above are the results of near-complete refactor. Have you constructed a plugin or theme on the Gallery Block performance? Be certain you learn this dev note. It tells you what you might want to do for compatibility.

Learn extra concerning the new options in 5.9

Want to dive into 5.9 however don’t know the place to start out? Check out this free course about Simple Site Design from Learn WordPress. There are quite a lot of studying supplies together with brief how-to video tutorials and sources on new options in WordPress 5.9, with rather more deliberate.

Check the Field Guide for extra!

Check out the most recent model of the WordPress Field Guide. It has a lot of helpful info with hyperlinks to detailed developer notes to assist you constructing in WordPress for everybody you serve. WordPress 5.9 Field Guide.

The Squad

The WordPress 5.9 launch was led by Matt Mullenweg, and supported by this extremely enthusiastic launch squad:

WordPress 5.9 additionally displays the arduous work of 624 beneficiant volunteer contributors. Collaboration occurred on 370 tickets on Trac and greater than 1900 pull requests on GitHub.

2linctools, Aaron D. Campbell, Aaron Jorbin, Aaron Robertshaw, abesell132, Abha Thakor, acosmin, Adam – WPMU DEV Support, Adam Bosco, Adam Morgan, Adam Silverstein, Adam Zielinski, Addie, Adil Ali, aduth, Aezaz Shekh, Ahmed Chaion, ajotka, Akash Soni, Akira Tachibana, Alain Schlesser, Alan Jacob Mathew, Alex Concha, Alex Lende, Alexandru Vornicescu, alexeydemidov, Alexis Lloyd, alexstine, AlGala, allilevine, almendron, Amanda Riu, Anand Upadhyay, André, Andrea Fercia, Andrei Draganescu, Andrew Nacin, Andrew Nevins, Andrew Ozz, Andrew Serong, André, Andy Fragen, Andy Peatling, Andy Schmidt, andynick, Angelika Reisiger, Anjana Vasan, Ankit K Gupta, Ankit Panchal, Anne McCarthy, Anthony Burchell, Anthony Eden, Anthony Ledesma, Anton Vlasenko, Antonis Lilis, arena, Ari Stathopoulos, Arthur Chu, Ashfame, Ayesh Karunaratne, baelx, Bartlomiej, Beatriz Fialho, Beau Lebens, Beda, Benachi, benitolopez, Benjamin Denis, Benjamin Gosset, benjamin.anakena, Bernhard Reiter, bgardner, bijayyadav, BinaryKitten, Birgir Erlendsson (birgire), bobbingwide, Boone Gorges, Brad Jorsch, Brad Parbs, Bradley Taylor, Brandon Kraft, bravokeyl, Brennan Goewert, Brian Richards, bronsonquick, Bruno Ribaric, Brylie Christopher Oxley, Caleb Burks, calebwoodbridge, carepsules, Carike, Carlos Bravo, Carlos Garcia, Carolina Nymark, cdyerkes, Ceyhun Ozugur, Chad, Chiaki, Chintan hingrajiya, Chip Snyder, Chloe Bringmann, Chouby, Chris Klosowski, Chris Van Patten, chriscct7, Christian Tamayo, Christina Workman, Christopher Churchill, clucasrowlands, Colin Stewart, Collieth Clarke, Collins Agbonghama, Copons, Corey, Cory Hughart, Courtney Robertson, craigfrancis, Crisoforo Gaspar, critterverse, Csaba (LittleBigThings), Dávid Szabó, Daisy Olsen, Damon Cook, Dan Farrow, Dan Soschin, Daniel Bachhuber, Daniel Post, Daniel Richards, Daniel Shaw, danieldudzic, Daniele Scasciafratte, darerodz, Daria, Daschmi, datagutten, datainterlock, Dave Page, David Anderson, David Baumwald, David Biňovec, David Calhoun, David Gwyer, David Herrera, David Kryzaniak, David Mosterd, David Rozando, David Ryan, David Smith, davidwebca, Debabrata Karfa, Deepak Lalwani, Denis Yanchevskiy, Dennis Snell, Dhanendran, dhusakovic, DiedeExterkate, Dilip Bheda, dingo-d, Dion Hulse, dlt101, Dominik Schilling, donmhico, Donna Botti, dontgo2sleep, Doug Wollison, dpegasusm, Dr. Ronny Harbich, dratwas, Drew Jaynes, drosmog, dustinrue, ecotechie, ehtis, EkoJR, Ella van Durpe, Emmanuel Hesry, empatogen, Enchiridion, Enej Bajgorić, Enrique Sánchez, erayalakese, Eric Malalel, Erick Hitter, Erik, etoledo, Evan Mullins, Fabian Kägy, Fabian Todt, Faisal Alvi, fedepia, Felipe Elia, Felipe Santos, Felix Arntz, Florian TIAR, FPCSJames, fperdaan, Francesca Marano, Francesco, fullofcaffeine, Gal Baras, Garrett Hyder, Gary Jones, Gary Pendergast, gazchap, generosus, Gennady Kovshenin, George Hotelling, George Mamadashvili, George Stephanis, Gerardo Pacheco, Gilbert Pellegrom, Glen Davies, goldsounds, Govind, Grant M. Kinney, Greg Rickaby, Greg Ziółkowski, Guillaume TURPIN, Héctor Prieto, Hans-Christiaan Braun, haosun, Hareesh, Hasanuzzaman, Hauwa Abashiya, Haz, Henry Wright, herbmiller, Herm Martini, Herre Groen, hilayt24, hirofumi2012, Hitendra Chopda, Hossein Farahani, htmgarcia, Hudson Atwell, Hugh Lashbrooke, hugod, Ian Dunn, ianhayes94, ianmjones, Ignat Georgiev, Igor Benic, ilovecats7, infected, Ipstenu (Mika Epstein), Isaac, Isabel Brison, ismaeld, J.D. Grimes, Jack Reichert, Jake Spurlock, jakub.tyrcha, Jam Viet, James Huff, James Koster, Jan Thiel, janw.oostendorp, Jason Johnston, Jason R. Johnston, Javier Arce, Javier Casares, Jay Upadhyay, Jean-Baptiste Audras, Jean-Philippe, Jeff Bowen, Jeff Ong, Jeffrey Paul, Jenny Dupuy, Jeremy Felt, Jeremy Herve, Jeremy Scott, Jeremy Yip, Jesús Amieiro, Jesper van Engelen, Jessica Lyschik, Jignesh Nakrani, Joe Dolson, Joe McGill, joegasper, Joel James, Joen Asmussen, John Blackbourn, John Espiritu, John Godley, John James Jacoby, john zenith, JohnRDOrazio (CLPTE), Jonathan Bossenger, Jonathan Desrosiers, Jonny Harris, Jono Alderson, Joost de Valk, Jorge Costa, Jos Klever, Joseph Dickson, Josepha Haden, Joy, jsnajdr, JuanMa Garrido, juanruitina, Juhi Saxena, Juliette Reinders Folmer, Junaid Bhura, Junko Nukaga, Justin Ahinon, Justin DoCanto, Justin Tadlock, K. Adam White, KafleG, Kai Hao, kallookoo, Kalpesh Akabari, kaneva, Kapil Paul, Kelly Choyce-Dwan, Kelly Hoffman, keoshi, Keramot UL Islam, kero, Kerry Liu, Kevin Fodness, keyur5, Kharis Sulistiyono, Kjell Reigstad, Knut Sparhell, Koen Van den Wijngaert, Konstantin Obenland, Konstantinos Xenos, kurudrive, kwisatz, Kyle Nel, KZeni, lalitjalandhar, laurelfulford, Laxman Prajapati, leemon, leogermani, Liam Gladdy, liammitchell, Linkon Miyan, linux4me2, Loïc Antignac, Loran A. Rendel, Lucas Karpiuk, lucasw89, lucatume, Luis Felipe Zaguini, Luke Carbis, Luke Cavanagh, luovalabs, lynk, M Asif Rahman, Madalin Gorbanescu, Madison, Maggie Cabrera, Mai, Malae, malthert, manfcarlo, Manisha Makhija, Manzoor Wani, Marco Ciampini, Marcus Kazmierczak, Marek Hrabe, Marin Atanasov, Marius L. J., Mark-k, Mary Baum, Mateus Machado Luna, Matias Ventura, Matt, Matt Chowning, Matt Mullenweg, Matt Wiebe, mattoakley, Max, MaxD, Maxime Culea, mclaurent, MEDUSOR, Meg Phillips, Meher Bala, Mel Choyce-Dwan, mgol, Micah Wood, Michael Adams (mdawaffe), Michael Beckwith, Michael Burridge, Michael Nelson, Michal Czaplinski, Michel – xiligroup dev, Miguel Fonseca, mikaelmayer, Mike Jolley (a11n), Mike Schroder, Milan Dinić, Milana Cap, Minal Diwan, mirka, mjaschen, mjulian7, mmxxi, moch11, Mohammad Rockeybul Alam, moto hachi, mqudsi, mreishus, mrjoeldean, mtoensing, Muhammad Arslan, Muhammad Faizan Haidar, Mukesh Panchal, Musab Shakeel, Mustaque Ahmed, Nadir Seghir, Nalini Thakor, Namith Jawahar, Naoko Takano, NateWr, Ned Zimmerman, NettSite, Nicholas Garofalo, Nick Diego, Nick Halsey, nickcernis, Nico, Nidhi Jain, Niels Lange, Nik Tsekouras, Nikhil Chavan, nlpro, ockham, Olga Gleckler, Oliver Campion, Omar Alshaker, Omar Reiss, opr18, Outzen Larkin, Ov3rfly, ovann86, ovidiul, Paal Joachim Romdahl, Pablo Honey, page-carbajal, palmiak, Pankaj Mohale, Pascal Birchler, Patrick B, Paul Bearne, Paul Biron, Paul Bunkham, Paul Kevin, Paul Schreiber, Paul Von Schrottky, Paulo Pinto, pbking, Pedro Mendonça, pepe, Peter Wilson, Petter Walbø Johnsgård, Phil Johnston, Philip Jackson, Pierre Gordon, Pieterjan Deneys, Piotrek Boniu, Pooja Derashri, powerbuoy, praem90, Pramod Jodhani, Presskopp, presstoke, procodewp, psealock, psufan, pwtyler, Rachel Baker, Radixweb, Rahul Mehta, ralucastn, Ramon Ahnert, ramonopoly, ravipatel, Rehan Ali, Renatho (a11n), retrofox, Riad Benguella, Rian Rietveld, Rich Tabor, Richard Foley, richards1052, Rick Curran, Rishabh Budhiraja, Riyadh Ahmed, rmartinezduque, Robert Anderson, robertght, robtarr, Rodrigo Arias, Rohan Rawat, Rohan Sharma, Ronak Ganatra, Roxy Kohilakis, Ruslan, rviscomi, Ryan Welcher, S Page, Sébastien SERRE, Sören Wrede, Sabbir Hasan, Sabri Bouchaala, Safirul Alredha, Samir Shah, Samuel Wood (Otto), Sandip Mondal – a11n, Sanket Chodavadiya, Sarah Norris, sarayourfriend, Sathiyamoorthy V, savicmarko1985, Sayedul Sayem, Scott Buscemi, scribu, scruffian, Sean McMillan, Sebastian Pisula, Segayuu, Sergey Biryukov, Sergio Cinos, SergioEstevao, Shaharyar Afzal, shaunandrews, Shazahanul Islam Shohag, shimon246, Shital Marakana, Shiva Poudel, siddharth, Siddharth Thevaril, siliconforks, simonhammes, Siobhan, Siobhan, sirreal, sjlevy, skunkbad, Smit Rathod, snapfractalpop, Sourov Roy, spytzo, ssergei, stacimc, Stefano Minoia, Stefanos Togoulidis, Stephen Bernhardt, Stephen Edgar, Stephen Rider, Steve Dufresne, Steve Henty, stevegs, Storm Rockwell, Sybre Waaijer, Synchro, szaqal21, Taco Verdonschot, Takahashi Fumiki, Tammie Lister, Tara King, Tarei King, Tellyworth, terraling, Terri Ann, Tetsuaki Hamano, theMikeD, Thierry Muller, Thijs Hulshof, Thimal Wickremage, thisiswilliam, Thomas Patrick Levy, timlappe, Timothy Jacobs, titsmaker, tjcafferkey, tmatsuur, TobiasBg, tobifjellner (Tor-Bjorn Fjellner), Tomek, Tomoki Shimomura, Tony G, Tony Tahmouch, Tonya Mork, Toro_Unit (Hiroshi Urabe), Torsten Landsiedel, Tracy, Travis Northcutt, tubys, Tung Du, twstokes, Udit Desai, umesh84, Utpol Deb Nath, Venkat Raj, versusbassz, verybg, Vicente Canales, Viktor Szépe, Vishit Shah, Vlad T, Vondelphia.com, vortfu, wb1234, WebMan Design | Oliver Juhas, Wes Theron, Weston Ruter, WFMattR, Will Skora, William Earnhardt, williampatton, wojsmol, woodyhayday, wp_kc, wpnomad a11n, wpweaver, Yagnik Sangani, Yui, Yvette Sonneveld, Zebulan Stanphill, and zoiec.

By launch day, 71 locales had translated 90 % or extra of WordPress 5.9 of their language. Community translators are arduous at work making certain extra translations are on their means. Thank you to everybody who helps to make WordPress accessible in 205 languages.

Many because of all the group volunteers who contribute within the support forums. They assist to reply questions from individuals the world over. The success of releases from the primary one in 2003 owes a lot to the efforts of the assist contributors. 

If contributing to WordPress appeals to you, it’s simple to be taught extra and get entangled. Discover the completely different groups that come collectively to Make WordPress web site and discover out the most recent plans on the core development blog.


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