WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”

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Welcome to “Arturo”

Say hi there to “Arturo” and WordPress 6.0, impressed by Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill. Known for his affect on up to date Latin jazz, Arturo has pressed greater than 15 albums spanning a physique of labor throughout 5 many years. 

Take a while to discover WordPress 6.0, constructed that can assist you unlock your inventive aspirations and make your site-building expertise extra intuitive. And try a few of Arturo’s inspirational sounds that span Afro Cuban jazz, up to date Latin jazz, and a lot extra.

With almost 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes, the second main launch of 2022 is right here. Download it now! As of right this moment, WordPress powers greater than 42% of internet sites worldwide.1

Site house owners and directors ought to improve to take full benefit of the numerous stability, efficiency, and value enhancements right this moment. WordPress content material creators will get pleasure from a collection of recent options geared towards bettering the writing and designing experiences.

Expanding Gutenberg right into a full web site enhancing expertise in WordPress signifies that the entire issues the neighborhood needed to tackle have been complicated and far-reaching. WordPress 6.0 is an instance of the neighborhood’s dedication to tackling these robust challenges collectively. With considerate updates to the writing expertise, constructing higher block performance, and including a brand new intuitive model switcher, I’m actually pleased with the work that’s been achieved on this launch to make an awesome web site enhancing expertise.

Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Executive Director

What’s Inside

Selecting multiple lines of text from two blocks

Enhanced Writing Experience

Writing enhancements abound, whether or not you’re writing a model new submit or including parts to an present web page. Explore extra methods to streamline your content material creation course of, together with:

  • Select textual content throughout a number of blocks for simpler copying and pasting.
  • Type two open brackets `[[` to quickly access a list of recent posts and pages.
  • Keep existing styles when you transform some blocks from one kind to another—from a Paragraph block to a Code block, for instance.
  • Create customized buttons and any new buttons you make will retain the style customizations automatically.
  • Make tag clouds and social icons even more appealing with updated settings and controls, and a new outline style for the tag cloud.
Style variations of Twenty Twenty Two theme

Style Switching 

Block themes now include the option to contain multiple style variations. This expands the new Style system even further and enables shortcuts to switch the look and feel of your site all within a single theme. In block themes that support this feature, you can change both the available settings, like the font-weight, and the style options, like the default color palette. Change the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks.

Popover listing available templates

More Template Choices

WordPress 6.0 includes five new template options for block themes: author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy. These additional templates provide greater flexibility for content creators. Tailor each with the tools you already know or with the following new options in this release: 

  • Featured images can be used in the cover block.
  • New featured image sizing controls make it easier to get the results you want.
  • While editing a template, at the root, or between blocks, the quick inserter shows you patterns and template parts to help you work faster and discover new layout options.
  • The query block supports filtering on multiple authors, support for custom taxonomies, and support for customizing what is shown when there are no results.
Browsing footer patterns in the quick inserter

Integrated Patterns

Patterns will now appear when you need them in even more places, like in the quick inserter or when creating a new header or footer. If you’re a block theme author, you can even register patterns from the Pattern Directory using `theme.json`, enabling you to prioritize specific patterns that are most helpful to your theme’s users.

Additional Design Tools

Design tools grow more powerful and intuitive with each release. Some highlights for 6.0 include: 

  • A new color panel design saves space, but still shows your options at a glance. 
  • New border controls offer a simpler way to set your border exactly as you like it. 
  • Transparency levels for your colors allow for even more creative color options.
  • Control gaps, margins, typography, and more on a collection of blocks, all at once, in the Group block.
  • Switch between stack, row, and group variations to position groups of blocks with more layout flexibility.
  • Use the gap support functionality in the Gallery block to create different looks – from adding spacing between all images, to removing spacing altogether.
Selecting multiple blocks in the list view

Better List View

New keyboard shortcuts enable you to select multiple blocks from the list view, modify them in bulk, and drag and drop them within the list. List View can be opened and closed easily; it comes collapsed by default and it automatically expands to the current selection whenever you select a block. 

Unlocking the block in the block toolbar

Block Locking Controls

Now you can lock your blocks. Choose to disable the option to move a block, remove a block, or both. This simplifies project handover, allowing your clients to unleash their creativity without worrying about accidentally breaking their site in the process.

Improved Performance in WordPress 6.0

This release includes several updates focused on improving the performance of WordPress. These enhancements cover a range of performance areas including improving the page and post-load speed, reducing the execution time of various query types, caching, navigation menus, and much more. The performance team working group is an important focus area of the core development team. For more information on this group’s work, please follow their work on Making WordPress with the #performance hashtag.

Enhancing WordPress 6.0 Accessibility

Accessibility is an integral part of the WordPress mission of fostering an inclusive community and supporting users of all types around the world. With this in mind, WordPress 6.0 includes more than 50 updates specifically focused on enhancing the accessibility of the platform. You can read about these updates and learn more about the accessibility initiatives that are ongoing.

Learn More About WordPress 6.0

See WordPress 6.0 in action! Watch a brief overview video highlighting some of the major features debuting in WordPress 6.0.

Explore learn.wordpress.org for fast how-to movies and much extra on new options in WordPress. Or be a part of a dwell interactive online learning session on a selected WordPress subject.

Developers can discover the WordPress 6.0 Field Guide. It is overflowing with detailed developer notes that can assist you construct with and prolong WordPress.

Read the WordPress 6.0 Release Notes for extra data on the included enhancements and points mounted, set up data, developer notes and sources, launch contributors, and the listing of file modifications on this launch.

The WordPress 6.0 Release Squad

The group listed under tirelessly supported the discharge, from conception to ship date, and past:

Thank you to 500+ Contributors

WordPress 6.0 wouldn’t have been attainable with out the contributions of greater than 500 individuals in at the very least 58 international locations. Their asynchronous coordination to ship tons of of enhancements and fixes right into a secure launch is a testomony to the ability and functionality of the WordPress neighborhood.

Aaron Jorbin · Aaron Robertshaw · Abdullah Ramzan · Abha Thakor · Adam Silverstein · Adam Zielinski · adi64bit · Adil Ali · agepcom · Ahmed Chaion · Aki Hamano · Akira Tachibana · Alain Schlesser · Alan Jacob Mathew · alansyue · Albert Juhé Lluveras · albertomake · Alefe Souza · Aleksandar Kostov · Alex Concha · Alex Lende · Alex Mills · Alex Stine · aliakseyenkaihar · Alkesh Miyani · Alok Shrestha · Amanda Giles · Andrea Fercia · Andrei Draganescu · Andrei Surdu · Andrew Dixon · Andrew Nacin · Andrew Ozz · Andrew Serong · Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko · André · Andy Fragen · Angelika Reisiger · Anh Tran · Ankit K Gupta · Anne McCarthy · Anoop Ranawat · Anthony Burchell · Anthony Ledesma · Anton Vlasenko · antonrinas · arcangelini · Ari Stathopoulos · Arne · Arpit G Shah · artdecotech · ArteMa · Arthur Chu · Asaquzzaman mishu · atomicjack · Aurélien Joahny · Aurooba Ahmed · Barry · Barry Ceelen · Bartosz Gadomski · Beda · Ben Dwyer · Benachi · Bernhard Reiter · BettyJJ · Bhrugesh Bavishi · binarymoon · Birgir Erlendsson (birgire) · Birgit Pauli-Haack · Blair Williams · BlogAid · Boone Gorges · Brandon DuRette · Brandon Kraft · Brian Alexander · bronsonquick · Brooke · Brooke. · Bruno Ribaric · caraya · Carlos Bravo · Carlos Garcia · Carolina Nymark · cbigler · Chad Chadbourne · Channing Ritter · charleyparkerdesign · charlyox · Chintan hingrajiya · Chloe Bringmann · Chouby · Chris Lubkert · Chris Van Patten · chriscct7 · clonemykey · Colin Stewart · conner_bw · Cory Hughart · Courtney Robertson · Crisoforo Gaspar · Dan Soschin · Daniel Bachhuber · Daniel Richards · danieldudzic · darerodz · Dat Hoang · Dave Smith · David Baumwald · David Biňovec · David Calhoun · David Gwyer · David Herrera · David Shanske · Deb Nath Utpol · Delowar Hossain · denishua · Dennis Claassen · Dennis Snell · Dhanendran · Dharmesh Patel · dhusakovic · Dilip Bheda · Dion Hulse · Dominik Schilling · donmhico · drago239 · Drew Jaynes · dromero20 · Eddy · ehtis · Eliezer Peña · Ella van Durpe · Emmanuel Hesry · Enrico Battocchi · eric3d · Erik Betshammar · espiat · Estela Rueda · etaproducto · EverPress · Fabian Kägy · Fabio Blanco · Faison · Felipe Elia · Felix Arntz · Femy Praseeth · Florian Brinkmann · Florian TIAR · FolioVision · Francesca Marano · Francisco Vera · frankei · furi3r · gadhiyaravi · Garrett Hyder · Garth Mortensen · Gary Jones · Gary Pendergast · genosseeinhorn · George Hotelling · George Mamadashvili · George Stephanis · geriux · Glen Davies · Grégory Viguier · Grant M. Kinney · Greg Ziółkowski · gregoiresailland · Guido Scialfa · gumacahin · gvgvgvijayan · Hareesh · Hasanuzzaman · Hasnain Ashfaq · Hauwa Abashiya · Haz · Helen Hou-Sandi · HelgaTheViking · Henry Wright · Hilay Trivedi · Hitendra Chopda · HristoK · Hugh Lashbrooke · Héctor Prieto · Ian Belanger · Ian Dunn · ianatkins · ianmjones · ImanGM · imokol · Isabel Brison · ishitaka · itsamoreh · Iulia Cazan · Ivan Lutrov · jadpm · Jake Spurlock · jakeparis · James Koster · Jamie · Jan Weiss · janh2 · Jarret · Jason Johnston · Jason LeMahieu (MadtownLems) · Javier Arce · Javier Prieto · Jay Trees · jazbek · Jean-Baptiste Audras · Jeff Bowen · Jeff Matson · Jeff Ong · Jeff Paul · Jenny Dupuy · Jenny Wong · Jeremy Felt · Jeremy Herve · Jeremy Yip · Jez Emery · jhned · jhnstn · jigar bhanushali · jiteshdhamaniya · Joe Dolson · Joe McGill · Joen Asmussen · Johannes Kinast · John Blackbourn · John James Jacoby · John Regan · John Watkins · Jon Brown · Jonathan Champ · Jonathan Desrosiers · Jonny Harris · Jono Alderson · Jorge · Jorge Costa · José Arcos · Josepha · Josepha Dambul · Joshua Fredrickson · Joy · jrivett · jsnajdr · juanlopez4691 · JuanMa Garrido · Juliette Reinders Folmer · Junaid Ahmed · Justin Ahinon · Justin Busa · Justin Tucker · KafleG · Kai Hao · Kajal Gohel · kapacity · Kapil Paul · Kaspars · kbatdorf · Kelly Choyce-Dwan · Kemory Grubb · Kerry Liu · Kev Provance · Kharis Sulistiyono · Kirtan Gajjar · Kjell Reigstad · KMix · Knut Sparhell · Konrad.K · Konstantin Obenland · kpegoraro · kubiq · Kukhyeon Heo · Lauren · Lena Morita · lenasterg · leskam · Lew Ayotte · linux4me2 · Lisa Schuyler · lkraav · Louis · Lovekesh Kumar · Lucas Karpiuk · Luis Felipe Zaguini · luisherranz · Luke Cavanagh · Lukman Nakib · M. van Dam · macbookandrew · Maciej · Maggie Cabrera · maguijo · Mahbub Hasan Imon · malthert · manfcarlo · Marcelo de Moraes Serpa · Marco Ciampini · Marcus Kazmierczak · Marin Atanasov · Marius L. J. · Mark Jaquith · Markus Kosmal · marv2 · Mary Baum · Mat Lipe · Mathieu · Matias Ventura · matiasbenedetto · Matt Chowning · Matt Martz · Matt Mullenweg · Matt Royal · Matt Stoney · Matt Wiebe · maur · Mauriac AZOUA · Max Kellermann · Mehedi Foysal · mgol · Michael Burridge · Michal Czaplinski · Miguel Fonseca · Mike Auteri · Mike Schroder · miken32 · Milan Dinić · Milana Cap · Minal Diwan · Mirco Babini · MMDeveloper · Mohadese Ghasemi · Mohammad Ahsan Habib · Mohammad Rockeybul Alam · MohammadJafar Khajeh · Morten Rand-Hendriksen · moushik · mqudsi · Muhammad Faizan Haidar · Mukesh Panchal · Mustaque Ahmed · Nabil · Nagesh Pai – a11n · Nalini Thakor · Nathan · Nayana Maradia · Nextend Support – Ramona · Nicholas Garofalo · Nick Ciske · Nick Diego · Nicolas Juen · nidhidhandhukiya · Nik Tsekouras · Nil · nmschaller · Noah Allen · oakesjosh · oguzkocer · Oliver Campion · Omar Alshaker · opr18 · Otshelnik-Fm · overclokk · ovidiul · Pablo Honey · Paolo L. Scala · Paragon Initiative Enterprises · Pascal Birchler · Paul Bearne · Paul Biron · Paul Ryan · Paul Von Schrottky · paulkevan · Pavan Patil · Pavlo · pbking · Pedro Mendonça · Petar Ratković · Peter Smits · Peter Westwood · Peter Wilson · petrosparaskevopoulos · Petter Walbø Johnsgård · pgpagely · Phil Johnston · Pieterjan Deneys · pikamander2 · Piotrek Boniu · Pooja Derashri · Pooja N Muchandikar · Pravin Parmar · Presskopp · presstoke · Priyank · pypwalters · r-a-y · Rachel Baker · Rafi Ahmed · Ramanan · Ramon Ahnert · Ramon James · Ravi Vaghela · ravipatel · Razvan Onofrei · Rehan Ali · Remy Perona · Riad Benguella · Rian Rietveld · Rich Tabor · Richard B. Kreckel · ricomoorman · Rob Scott · Robert Anderson · Rolf Allard van Hagen · Rolf Siebers · Rostislav Wolný · Rufus87 · Ryan Boren · Ryan Fredlund · Ryan McCue · Ryan Welcher · Sébastien SERRE · Sören Wrede · Sabbir Ahmed · Sabbir Hasan · Sami Falah · Sanjeev Aryal · santosguillamot · Sarah Norris · Sarah Snow · sarayourfriend · Sathiyamoorthy V · Sayedul Sayem · sbossarte · sclayf1 · Scott Buscemi · Scott Reilly · Scott Taylor · Segayuu · Sergey Biryukov · sheepysheep60 · Shital Marakana · Shreyas Ikhar · siddharth · Siddharth Thevaril · silb3r · Simon Blackbourn · Simon Prosser · simonhammes · Siobhan · Smit Rathod · snapfractalpop · socalchristina · Spencer Cameron-Morin · stacimc · stefanfisk · Stefano Lissa · Stefano Minoia · Stefanos Togoulidis · Stephen Bernhardt · Stephen Edgar · Stephen Harris · Steve Grunwell · Subrata Sarkar · Sumit Singh · Sumit Singh · Sumon Sarker · SunilPrajapati · sunyatasattva · Sven Wagener · Sybre Waaijer · Synchro · Takashi Kitajima · tharsheblows · Theo H · Thimal Wickremage · Thomas McMahon · Thomas Patrick Levy · Thomas Pike · Till Krüss · Tim Blankenship · Tim Nolte · Timothy Jacobs · tobifjellner (Tor-Bjorn Fjellner) · Tom · tomasztunik · Tomek · Tomoki Shimomura · Tony Tahmouch · Tonya Mork · Toro_Unit (Hiroshi Urabe) · Torsten Landsiedel · Tracy · trex005 · tszming · tumas2 · twstokes · Tynan Beatty · tzipporahwitty · Uday Kokitkar · ugljanin · Ugyen Dorji · Ulrich · Utkarsh · valer1e · versusbassz · Vicente Canales · Vishal Kumar · vlad.olaru · Volodymyr Kolesnykov · vortfu · WebMan Design | Oliver Juhas · Wendy Chen · Wes Theron · Weston Ruter · whoisnegrello · wpcharged · wpmakenorg · wpsoul · WraithKenny · wslyhbb · Xidorn Quan · Yui · Yunus Ertuğrul · Zebulan Stanphill · znuff · Česlav Przywara

By launch day, 76 locales had translated 90-percent or extra of WordPress 6.0 into their language. Community translators proceed after a launch making certain extra translations are on their method. Thank you to everybody who helps to make WordPress out there in 205 languages.

Many because of the entire neighborhood volunteers who contribute to the support forums by answering questions from WordPress customers around the globe.

If contributing to WordPress appeals to you, it’s straightforward to study extra and become involved. Discover the totally different groups that come collectively to Make WordPress and discover the product roadmap on the core development blog.

The WordPress Mission & You

WordPress is software program designed for everybody, emphasizing accessibility, efficiency, safety, and ease of use. The mission believes nice software program ought to work with minimal setup, so you may give attention to sharing your story, product, or providers freely. The fundamental WordPress software program is easy and predictable so you may simply get began. It additionally gives highly effective options for development and success.

WordPress believes in democratizing publishing and the freedoms that come with open source. Supporting this concept is a big neighborhood of individuals collaborating on and contributing to this mission. The WordPress neighborhood is welcoming and inclusive. Our contributors’ ardour drives the success of WordPress which, in flip, helps you attain your objectives.

Learn more about WordPress and how one can be a part of our neighborhood to assist form the way forward for the world’s hottest web site platform.

A Release Haiku

Six-point-oh is right here
Time to obtain and improve
Let’s pause, have a good time


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