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Master Prompt: HTML Tools for Web Development

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Master Prompt: HTML Tools for Web Development

1. HTML Validator: Create an HTML validator tool that checks whether an HTML document follows the correct syntax and structure according to the HTML5 standard. It should identify errors and provide suggestions for correction.

2. HTML Beautifier: Develop an HTML beautifier tool that takes poorly formatted HTML code and rearranges it to improve readability. It should indent the code properly, align attributes, and organize elements for clarity.

3. HTML Color Code Converter: Design a tool that converts color codes between different formats commonly used in HTML and CSS, such as HEX, RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA. It should accept input in any supported format and provide the corresponding values in other formats.

4. HTML Boilerplate Generator: Build a tool that generates a basic HTML boilerplate template with commonly used elements, such as <!DOCTYPE html>, <html>, <head>, and <body>, along with meta tags, charset declaration, and optional CSS and JavaScript links.

5. HTML Image Optimizer: Create an image optimization tool specifically tailored for images used in HTML documents. It should accept image files as input and optimize them for web usage by reducing file size without significant loss of quality.

6. HTML Table Generator: Develop a tool for generating HTML tables with custom rows and columns. Users should be able to specify the number of rows and columns, along with options for styling, such as borders, background colors, and cell padding.

7. HTML Form Builder: Design a form builder tool that simplifies the process of creating HTML forms. Users should be able to add form elements such as text inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and text areas, and customize their attributes.

8. HTML Link Checker: Build a tool that scans an HTML document for broken or invalid links, both internal and external. It should provide a report listing the URLs with issues and their corresponding error codes or messages.

9. HTML Entity Converter: Develop a utility for converting special characters and symbols into their corresponding HTML entities. This tool should support a wide range of characters and provide options for encoding and decoding.

10. HTML Audio/Video Embedder: Create a tool for generating HTML code to embed audio and video content from various sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or self-hosted files. Users should be able to customize player options and dimensions.

  1. HTML Formatter: Develop a tool that takes in messy or unformatted HTML code and outputs properly formatted code with correct indentation and structure.
  2. HTML Validator: Create a tool that checks HTML code for syntax errors, deprecated elements, and compliance with HTML standards. It should provide detailed feedback on any issues found.
  3. HTML Color Code Converter: Design a tool that allows users to convert between different color code formats commonly used in HTML, such as hexadecimal, RGB, and HSL.
  4. HTML Template Generator: Build a tool that generates basic HTML templates for common web pages, such as landing pages, portfolios, or blog posts. Users should be able to customize elements like headers, footers, and content sections.
  5. HTML Entity Encoder/Decoder: Develop a tool that helps users encode special characters into HTML entities for safe display on web pages, and decode HTML entities back into their original characters.
  6. HTML Image Optimizer: Create a tool that optimizes images for web use by reducing file size while maintaining acceptable image quality. Users should be able to upload images and receive optimized versions for use in their HTML documents.
  7. HTML Link Checker: Implement a tool that scans HTML documents for broken links and provides a report detailing which links are invalid or unreachable.

These tools should be user-friendly, efficient, and help streamline various aspects of HTML development. Additionally, consider incorporating features like error handling, input validation, and clear user interfaces to enhance usability.

Note: Ensure each tool is user-friendly, with clear instructions and feedback, and provides error handling for invalid inputs or unexpected behavior.

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